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Diabetes Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Therapies For Diabetes Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Apart from the many other symptoms that diabetes can cause, erectile dysfunction is the one that bothers most men. The reason that diabetes can result in erectile dysfunction is a complicated one. The basic answer is that the disease affects nerves, blood vessels and muscles that are all necessary in normal erectile functioning. Erectile dysfunction in males who are not diabetic is easily treatable with a range of pharmaceuticals that are available on prescription from a doctor. However, a different type of diabetes erectile dysfunction treatment is necessary to avoid complications occurring through the use of drugs.

Most diabetics also suffer from heart problems and the thickening of blood vessels drugs are often not the choice for diabetes (read more on Wiki) rectile dysfunction treatment. Although there are many other therapies available for diabetics, these can be invasive such as surgery or penile injections. The most popular choice for treatment in most diabetics is to use some form of vacuum erectile dysfunction device. There are many of these types of devices on the market to choose from and it is important to do some research to find one that will meet your requirements.

Old fashioned devices are big and bulky and can detract from the intimate atmosphere that you would like to create. However, newer devices are smaller and more compact and can easily be used as part of the sexual act. These devices are designed to be suitable for use by all individuals regardless of penile length or girth and can easily be obtained without a prescription. It is important to know that you need to discuss all your options for diabetes erectile dysfunction treatment with your doctor or urologist to ensure that you receive the best therapy to meet your unique requirements.

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Diabetes Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men


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