Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Various Types Of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Although the subject of erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction treatment has been causing mirth amongst pre teens everywhere for as long as the condition has been around, the reality is that erectile dysfunction can be a serious medical condition with a variety of causes and effects, some of them with severe health implications. Erectile dysfunction can be a signal that other conditions exist which requires medical intervention.

Erectile dysfunction is increasingly common in those men suffering from the effects of diabetes or vascular disease and should be treated as a significant warning sign that a trip to the family physician is required. In many instances there is no apparent underlying medical condition that can be seen to cause erectile dysfunction, however in these cases it soon becomes apparent that lifestyle choice, such as excessive smoking and drinking, are often to blame for erectile dysfunction. In cases like this erectile dysfunction treatment can consist of retaining the services of a life coach or joining one of the many groups that specialise in the treatment of addiction.

The modern lifestyle can also contribute to erectile dysfunction; studies have shown that stress is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction. If stress is found to be the root cause of erectile dysfunction then erectile dysfunction treatment can range from psychological treatment, to lifestyle changes or even the prescription of medication to treat stress related disorders.

If medication is prescribed care should be taken to ensure that the medication itself does not become a significant factor contributing towards erectile dysfunction. For example many brands of beta blockers which can be used as blood pressure medication have been found to depress the sex drive.

Today many sufferers from erectile dysfunction are avoiding treatments which are invasive or may have proven side effects and are rather selecting non invasive treatments such as those using the new generation of vacuum pumps, which have an extremely high success rate and very few side effects.

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