erectile problem, erection problems


Erection Problems

Coping With Erection Problems

Although men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have been the butt of jokes for decades the condition itself is no laughing matter. Erectile problems can have an extremely negative effect on family life and can, in extreme cases lead to matrimonial issues which in themselves can end in divorce. The knock on effects on other family members, such as children can cause lasting psychological damage.

Erection problems can also cause the sufferer psychological problems such as a lowered self esteem and a lack of self confidence. These symptoms can in turn affect both the personal and working life of the person suffering from erection problems. Not only does erectile dysfunction or erection problems have an undesirable effect on the psychological makeup of the individual, but erectile dysfunction can also be a warning sign that something else is happening to the sufferer’s body.

Erectile dysfunction has been shown to be linked to both diabetes and hypertension, as well as other vascular conditions. At the first sign of persistent erection problems the sufferer should make an appointment with their family physician, who might recommend a visit to a specialist to make sure that the erection problems do not have a serious underlying cause. Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are reluctant to consult a physician due to the fact that they believe that there is some social stigma attached to this common condition. In fact, recent studies in the United States have indicated that 42% of men over the age of 40 suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction.

Even if you are reluctant to visit your family doctor, you owe it to your spouse and other family to investigate whether a simple solution can be found to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Today there are a wide variety of medications and other avenues available for the treatment of erection problems.

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erectile problem, erection problems
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