Post Prostatectomy


Post Prostatectomy

Post Prostatectomy Penile Rehabilitation

Penile rehabilitation is necessary for many reasons post prostatectomy. These reasons are important whether a full or partial prostatectomy was performed and for whatever reason the operation was deemed necessary. Most people assume that penile rehabilitation post prostatectomy purely involves intimacy and quality of life issues that the patient may have after the surgery but this is only part of the need for this treatment. The other reasons that post prostatectomy penile rehabilitation are necessary are purely medical.

One of the side effects of a full or even a partial prostatectomy is erectile dysfunction. The degree to which the patient can suffer from this side effect varies greatly from person to person as does their ability to regain normal erectile function. This inability to gain an erection post prostatectomy can lead to fibrosis or tissue damage setting in. This type of tissue damage will cause the erectile dysfunction to become permanent and can lead to more radical surgeries being required.

There are many different types of therapies that can be prescribed for post prostatectomy erectile dysfunction. In modern medicine the most common therapy is through the use of oral prescription medications. These oral medications are very effective but as with any medication there are side effects which make oral therapy not the ideal method for rehabilitation for every post prostatectomy. For example, most erectile dysfunction drugs are contra-indicated in patients who have a history of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. There are other conditions that are contra indicated with erectile dysfunction drugs so it is always important to deal with penile rehabilitation with the advice and assistance from a medical doctor.

Another treatment that is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction is penile injections. This is however a very invasive treatment and most men prefer to try other therapies before opting for penile injections. The penile injections work much in the same way as the oral medication except that the drugs are taken intravenously. The least invasive therapy with no side effects whatsoever is using a vacuum pump that is designed to increase blood flow to the penis resulting in an erection. Many doctors treating a post prostatectomy patient for erectile dysfunction use two or more of these therapies in conjunction to speed up recovery.

To find out more about the therapies available for post prostatectomy erectile dysfunction and the other medical reasons that penile rehabilitation is important after this type of surgery, you can simply contact us.


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