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Prostatectomy Impotence

Treatments For Prostatectomy Impotence

Most people associate impotence or erectile dysfunction with aging. This is a misconception and there are many other causes of impotence such as heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. Another leading cause for this disorder is the removal of the prostate gland. These reasons for impotence can all be defined as side effects of a disease or illness and are all treatable in many ways. Rehabilitation and treatment in prostatectomy impotence as well as other forms of erectile dysfunction have seen great success using different treatment and therapy techniques.

One of the most successful of these is the use of a vacuum restriction device. The success is mainly attributed to the fact that this form of treatment for prostatectomy impotence and other forms of erectile dysfunction is non-invasive and is up to the patient’s discretion for use. In addition, there are no side effects related to the devices which are common in the use of drugs and surgery to treat erectile dysfunction. The devices also allow the patient to continue with a normal sex life for prostatectomy impotence and throughout other illnesses that could lead to erectile dysfunction.

This basically means that vacuum restriction devices are suitable for long term use unlike drugs or other forms of treatments for prostatectomy impotence and erectile dysfunction. A patient using vacuum restriction therapy therefore has the added benefit of having a long term affordable solution for their impotence no matter what the reason they are presenting with erectile dysfunction. Partners of patients suffering from impotence are also more comfortable with the use of these devices and it can become part of the love making experience adding enjoyment.

Remember to consider all your options when suffering from prostatectomy impotence or other forms of erectile dysfunction and contact us to find out more about vacuum restriction devices for treatment of this type of disorder.

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prostatectomy impotence
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