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Male Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments And Solutions

male erectile dysfunctionMale erectile dysfunction is a more commonly suffered condition than many may realise. Many men, young and old, suffer from this plight and often do not know where to turn to obtain assistance or treatment. Embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy often cause men to shy away from talking about their erectile dysfunction issues and asking about treatment. The fact of the matter is that the stigma attached to such issues has long since fallen away and now there are many treatment options and methods available for sufferers to still enjoy a healthy sex life.

At Vacurect we believe that male erectile dysfunction does not need to have a negative effect on one’s life. With our range of vacuum therapy devices and penis pumps, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot enjoy the same intimacy that you did before such a problem presented itself. Of course there are many reasons for one to have erectile dysfunction and all reasons should be considered and investigated before treatment is decided on. Diabetes, high blood pressure, emotional issues, psychological issues and even a number of operations can cause erectile dysfunction.

Our Vacurect penis pumps are designed with ease of use and comfort in mind. We know how important it is for the user of a penis pump to feel comfortable and not be hindered by the device and this is exactly what inspired the compact and non-invasive design that we make use of. The penis pump has a very natural and fast acting pump action which allows for users to be hands free for foreplay and intercourse. It takes approximately 30 seconds to 6 minutes to effectively pump depending on the state of the erection before pumping begins. An erection can then be sustained for up to 30 minutes. Those who have never used a vacuum therapy device before can easily follow the instructions that come with it as there is no special technique or method required for using it.

The penis pumps that we stock are comprised of two main parts; the vacuum tube and the tension ring. This simple design allows for ease of use and movement. Those who use a Vacurect erection enhancement device will find that it does not interfere with love making at all and that the process is so simple that it will hardly be noticed.

For those who suffer from erectile dysfunction and are looking for a way to treat it or overcome they will find that our vacuum therapy devices offer a great drug free alternative to the often prescribed medications. They are also safe to use both, with or without a condom and extremely cost effective too. Taking the time to find out more about male erectile dysfunctionand ensuring that you are aware of how it can be treated or worked around is a great way to ensure that you are able to live your life relatively unaffected by the condition. Chatting to the professionals in the field and browsing through endorsed and tested products is the best way to rekindle the flame in your relationship and intimate life once more.

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