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Erectile Difficulties | Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Erectile Difficulties – Understand It and Get the Right Treatment Today

There is no doubt that those experiencing erectile difficulties will feel some sort of lack in self esteem, confidence and adequacy. While there are many reasons as to why one would suffer this, the treatments are generally what people are most interested in receiving help with. Erectile dysfunction is the lack of being able to achieve or maintain an erection when being sexually aroused. It can affect both young and old men and regardless of your age, the treatments available are quite effective. Most men need to find the treatment that suits their needs, preferences and available budget best.

If you are suffering from erectile difficulties it is essential to know that treatments are available and there is no need to fear having to live a life with a dismal sex life attached. By seeking out advice and information, you can find a treatment that works best for you.

Causes of Erectile Difficulties

Erectile Difficulties In order for one to fully understand the causes of erectile difficulties, one must know what is required to cause an effective erection in the first place. Erections are a direct result of what affects the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, psychological and stress elements of an individual. They are a response from stimuli such as touch, smell and visual which trigger a response from the brain. The trigger sends a response to the nerves which are found at the base of spine which then sends blood flow to the penis, causing an erection. Chemicals are released in the body which increases the blood flow to the penis quite dramatically in order for an individual to maintain an erection. It is when these chemicals are no longer released that erectile difficulties are experienced.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most obvious symptoms of erectile difficulties is the fact that an erection is either not achieved, or not maintained long enough for sexual intercourse to occur. Of course some men might experience this a few times in their lives, but men are only generally required to pay attention to this problem if they are starting to experience it up to 50% of the time.

Other symptoms could include lack of self confidence, low self esteem and of course other psychological factors. These symptoms will usually go hand in hand with erectile dysfunction.

Treatments of Erectile Difficulties

Many people choose to use chemical treatments for erectile dysfunction, but there has been a definite move towards more natural methods seen in recent times. Penis pumps, in particular those from Vacurect, allow for a natural treatment of erectile difficulties that isn’t interfering or inconvenient. Our range of penis pumps are designed to light weight and compact so as to be conspicuous during intercourse.

Their natural pump action before intercourse allows for a hands free experience which is ideal for foreplay and intimate love making. What’s more is that these penis pumps can be used safely with a condom and can help you to maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes.

If you are looking for more information on the causes, symptoms and treatments for erectile difficulties then take the time to browse through our range and find the best device for you.

Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men And The Various Treatments Available For It

Erectile dysfunction in young men is rather rare and the cause is always a psychological or physiological condition and not regarded as normal – the effect of ageing only starts to have an effect later on in life.  In fact, even among men in their forties, only around one in ten suffer from erectile dysfunction and even then, it is usually the result of a treatable condition or because of physical damage or illness.  However, after that, age starts to play an increasingly important role and among men in their sixties, seventies and eighties, usually around 60 percent, 67 percent and 72 percent respectively are impotent.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile dysfunction treatments will vary according to the underlying condition and cause and the most significant causes for erectile dysfunction in young men are:

  • Drugs like nicotine in cigarette smoke (known to have an artery-narrowing effect) and anti-depressants.
  • Cavernosal disorders like Peyronie’s disease.
  • Neurogenic disorders (these may include nerve disorders that are uncommon in young men, but also injuries to the brain or spinal cord).
  • Surgery to the bladder, colon, rectum or prostate or radiation therapy, although this is not common among young men.
  • Psychological causes that point to no physical infirmity; these may include stress and performance anxiety and, in a smaller number of cases, mental disorders like personality disorders, clinical depression, substance abuse, schizophrenia, panic disorder and anxiety disorder.

Erectile dysfunction treatments would therefore be dependent on the individual condition.

Treatment Determined on Merit

The above causes of erectile dysfunction in young men do not all merit the same treatments and while it is relatively easy to affect a treatment like quitting smoking, some of the other causes are not so easily addressed.  It is not always possible to take a patient off anti-depressants or to prescribe a more favourable derivative and where people are substance-dependent; the rehabilitation process may be arduous.  Psychological problems are normally addressed through counselling and education and because nothing is actually amiss, physically, these problems may disappear overnight once the psychological problem has been addressed.

The above implies that many of the causes of erectile dysfunction in young men are temporary, but there are also cases where the dysfunction may be permanent and calls for other solutions.  For example, neurogenic disorders due to brain or spinal cord injuries or damage caused by invasive surgery (leaving the individual without some of the essential tissue and/or nerves) may render a permanent condition of being unable to achieve normal erectile function.

Vacuum Constriction Devices

Erectile dysfunction in young men that suffer from one of the permanent causes can be treated with vacuum constrictive devices.  Full erectile function is achieved by means of a vacuum pump that creates a vacuum to fill the corpus cavernosum with blood using hydrodynamical, mechanical means.  The blood is prevented from draining by a compression ring until the end of sexual activity, restoring largely normal sexual function.

Now there is effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in young men.

Erection Problems And Solutions

Causes Of Erection Problems And Solutions Offered By The Experts

While many of us may be aware of what erectile dysfunction actually is and the various causes of it, not many of us take theerection problems and solutions time to consider the multitude of negative effects that erection problems can cause in an individual’s life. Of course erection problems do not only have a negative effect on the male suffering from it, but can also cause issues within a loving a caring relationship as feelings of inadequacy sneak in. Erection problems and solutions can be discussed with an expert in the field, but many feel a certain amount of embarrassment regarding the problem and generally shy away from seeking out help.

At Vacurect we are always available to discuss the various erection problems and solutions that people are faced with. As with any illness there is a variety of treatment options for you to compare and consider. We offer a range of vacuum therapy devices that are tried, tested and endorsed on the world-wide market. In fact, our penis pumps are designed with the self esteem and dignity of the user in mind. They have a compact design that allows for them to remain non-invasive during intercourse. They have a fast and somewhat natural pump action which ensures that the user can have both hands free during intimacy, once it has been pumped.

Our erection enhancement treatments are preferred across the world as they are drug free, effective, fast acting, affordable and completely safe. You can also safely use our penis pumps with a condom and will find that it provides absolutely no distraction during intercourse. For those who have never used a penis pump – or are sceptical about it – will find that they are extremely easy to use. There is no special technique or method required and simple, easy to follow instructions are provided with each pump sold. Our penis pumps for impotency make use of the most technologically advanced vacuum therapy systems available on a world-wide scale which means that you can have the peace of mind that you are obtaining the best on the market.

At Vacurect we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are provided with access to a range of erectile dysfunction treatments and solutions that work. Chatting to us about possible causes of erection problems and solutions that we can suggest will certainly help you with deciding on which treatment option is best suited to you.

Choose The Right Penis Pump For Impotence Problems

penis pump for impotenceImpotency is suffered by a vast number of men of all ages and there are a variety of reasons for this to be happening. Impotency can be a result of age, diabetes, high blood pressure and even psychological reasons. Various surgeries can also cause men to suffer from impotency. Sufferers of this particular problem often suffer in silence, but luckily with the changing of the times, more men are speaking out and obtaining the treatment and assistance that they require. Many choose to invest in drugs to solve the problem, but the penis pump for impotence is growing quickly in popularity as it is a non invasive and safer alternative to chemical treatment.

When looking for a penis pump for impotence you are bound to find our range impressive. We believe in ensuring that our clients are provided with an erection enhancement product that has no negative effects or disturbances when it comes to intimacy and intercourse. We stock a range of vacuum therapy devices that have come a long way since the introduction of the bulky and cumbersome devices of the past. Our penis pumps are designed to work fast, effectively and allow for the individual to have both hands free during the love making process as it has a somewhat fast and natural pumping action. Depending on the starting state of the erection, the pump can work in 30 seconds to 6 minutes.

Our vacuum therapy or constriction devices are designed to offer an effective solution to erectile dysfunction. You are bound to find our new Vacurect OTC 5 model to be absolute value for money. It can easily be used with condoms and is chosen by many who prefer a safe, drug free alternative. Their compact design ensures that very little distraction is caused during intercourse and foreplay and also ensures that men feel less self conscious when making use of such a device.

Vacurect penis pumps are available on a world-wide scale and should certainly be tested before considering prescription drugs and chemicals. Our pumps are extremely easy to use with no special technique or method required. In fact, Vacurect pumps have been rekindling the flame for many couples the world over for quite some time now. Any negative perceptions about penis pumps for impotence is due to the untested and unendorsed pumps that are all too freely available on the internet. Invest in a top quality product such as ours at Vacurect and you are bound to find the benefits and reasons to continue doing so.

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