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Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction And Some Of The Causes Of Erectile Problems

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the cause of much anxiety and tension in relationships and it often descends into a vicious circle where the anxiety about the problem serves to worsen the problem.  Although many impotence problems have physiological problems as their origin, psychological problems may also come into play, due to the man’s anxiety increasing due to his physiological problem.  In a smaller percentage of cases, the causes are purely psychological – but not necessarily easier to treat.

Causes of Erectile Problems

There are many causes of erectile problems and, as we have mentioned, these are mostly physiological.  Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Sometimes erectile issues can start purely due to a person’s lifestyle; nicotine is a known agent of arterial narrowing and smoking’s effect of impeding blood flow may be a major contributory factor to impotence.  Diabetes is also known for impeding blood circulation.
  • Other chemicals like medication, especially anti-depressants.
  • Diseases like multiple sclerosis are likely causes because they directly affect the nervous system.
  • Certain cavernosal disorders like Peyronie’s disease.
  • Some neurogenic disorders, among which are stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Surgery, among which there may be several likely suspects that cause erectile dysfunction.  These include bladder and prostate cancer surgery (where tissue containing nerves may be removed), colon surgery, radiation therapy and rectum surgery.
  • Kidney failure.
  • The effects of ageing cannot be completely avoided, even in healthy males, and the incidence of impotence is four times higher for men in their 60s that it is for men in their 40s.
  • Lastly, the role of psychological causes of erectile problems as previously mentioned, like stress, performance anxiety and a wide range of mental and personality disorders that may include schizophrenia, clinical depression, panic disorder, substance dependence, anxiety disorder or a variety of other personality disorders.

Treatment and the Role of Vacuum Therapy

The first line of treatment for erectile dysfunction is always to alter the modifiable causes and risk factors that can be identified and to facilitate sexual health by all means possible.  The second line of treatment may include the administering of oral agents like PDE5 inhibitors, as well as education and counselling.  Also counted among second line treatments are vacuum devices and rings and vacuum constriction devices have been proven to be safe to use by sufferers of impotence cause by many conditions, like diabetes, surgery or poor blood circulation.

In addition, vacuum constriction devices used to treat erectile dysfunction can be used in conjunction with condoms as well as all other impotence treatments and is a safe and risk-free treatment.  However, if you are at all in doubt, you should consult your doctor before starting any type of impotence treatment.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid as many of the risk factors as possible to avoid impotence problems.  However, if necessary, rest assured that many treatments are available, so do not allow your relationship to suffer damage because of erectile dysfunction.

No Need To Suffer From Erectile Problems Ever Again

There are a number of people who suffer from erectile problems and dysfunction, but they are too scared to speak out or seek assistance with finding a solution.  It is a sad fact that many who do suffer from it choose to do so silently and so suffer for an unnecessary time. Of course as time and people change the sensitivities attached to such a problem are gradually falling away and more people are seeking out advice and medical assistance. While many of us may not speak about it, having a healthy and enjoyable sex life is an important factor to a long and happy life. Too many people go about their lives in fear of speaking out about their erectile problems, and now is the time for all of that to change.

For those aren’t already aware, erectile problems can be caused by a number of reasons and is not only suffered by those who are getting on in years! Unfortunately this type of problem knows no boundaries and can affect a male of any age. One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is the blood flow to the penis being too little. Sometimes when an individual has undergone an operation for prostate or colon cancer a major side effect can be erectile dysfunction.

There are many reasons for this type of problem and it is something that is often misunderstood by those that suffer it. Of course it has its negative effects on one’s self esteem and confidence, especially when it comes to intimacy. There are many chemical solutions to erectile dysfunction on the market, but those who wish to try a more natural method will find vacuum therapy to also be a good option.

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy devices are rapidly becoming a trusted penis and erection enhancement method. They usually work quite simply with a quick pump action and is known to be completely non invasive during both foreplay and intercourse. It’s light and compact design means that intimacy is completely unhindered with most vacuum pumps and this type of system will allow for both hands to be free during the process.

Vacuum therapy is becoming one of the most popular solutions to erectile problems both nationally and internationally. There are various vacuum therapy pumps available on the market for sufferers to choose from. Simply browse through your options and make as many enquiries into it as possible to ensure that you are purchasing the right product for you.

The idea of vacuum therapy seems a more acceptable treatment to those who are specifically looking for a drug free solution. The fact that these devices are so cost-effective also makes them a great deal more attractive. There is absolutely no need to fear injury or damage as these pumps are usually designed to be absolutely safe. They are quite simple to use but usually are provided with a few instructions for those who aren’t familiar with the product. Those who use this type of method usually never look back.

Those who are suffering from erectile problems and erectile dysfunction for any reason should look into all the options that are available to them. While some may find that drugs or medication is the route that they would like to take, others find the non chemical methods better. Vacuum therapy treatment is certainly growing in popularity for good reason. Take the time to browse through the various devices available on the market and perhaps order one to test it out. There is only one way to see if something is suited to your needs and that is through research.

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Erectile Problems? We Have The Solution!

It has to be noted that talking about erectile problems seems to be a sensitive subject with many people. Those who suffer from it usually do so in silence and are too embarrassed or afraid to ask for assistance and advice. Luckily the world is changing and people with erectile problems are being encouraged to seek out treatment that can restore enjoyment and confidence to their sex lives.

Erectile problems can be suffered from because of too little blood flow to the penis, diabetes, or can even be an after effect of surgery that might have been carried out for colon or prostate cancer. Of course there are many other reasons why one might suffer from erectile dysfunction. Vacuum therapy has proven to be an excellent treatment.

Vacurect is a trusted and reliable erection enhancement system that is used on a world wide scale. It is known to provide very minimal interference in foreplay and intimacy. The systems fast, natural pump action allows for more comfortable love making as both hands are able to be free. It is designed to be both light and compact so as to not distract or interfere during intercourse.

Vacurect offers erectile dysfunction devices that are beneficial to the user suffering from erectile problems as they offer a drug free alternative that is also affordable, non-invasive and completely safe to use. Actually using the pump is extremely easy and quick. You can expect to experience absolutely no embarrassing moments when making use of Vacurect erectile dysfunction devices.

If you are suffering from erectile problems and would like to ensure that you are provided with access to a range of erectile dysfunction treatment devices that actually work, then Vacurect has just the right products for you. Take the time to contact Vacurect directly and chat to one of the friendly consultants about their range of erectile dysfunction solutions and the attached prices today.

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