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Erectile Dysfunction Conditions And Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction Conditions And Treatments Have To Be Carefully Matched, But Most Impotence Cases Can Be Helped

There are several erectile dysfunction conditions and treatments and the conditions can perhaps be subdivided into psychological, lifestyle and permanent conditions, each with its specific treatment regimes.  Erectile dysfunction can put a lot of strain on relationships and inhibit intimacy and it is unfortunate that so many men suppose their impotence cannot be treated.  In fact, the vast majority of impotence cases can be helped and oftentimes the treatment is simpler than you may imagine.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological erectile dysfunction conditions and treatments do not operate on a physical level because, in essence, there is not actually anything physically wrong.  Several psychological factors may be at play that can inhibit a man’s normal erectile response and function and some of the less serious ones include:

  • performance anxiety
  • negative thoughts
  • stress
  • mild personality disorders

These conditions are relatively easy to treat through psychiatric intervention, education and counselling and normal erectile response is often restored at once when the psychological obstacle is overcome and dealt with.  However, more serious psychological conditions exist that may be more difficult to treat, like:

  • schizophrenia
  • more severe personality disorders
  • clinical depression
  • panic disorder
  • anxiety disorder

Treatment of these conditions may be supplemented with medications that may in turn exacerbate the problem.

Lifestyle Erectile Dysfunction Conditions and Treatments

Smoking is a prime example and the known artery-narrowing properties of nicotine have a detrimental effect on erectile response, especially over several years of smoking.  Quitting smoking may restore full functioning over time, but not all lifestyle-induced erectile dysfunctions are this easily addressed.  Diabetes is incurable and once this illness has taken its toll in the form of impotence due to poor blood flow, alternative interventions would have to be explored.  Some medications may also cause impotence and although one may be able to opt for alternative medication or treatment, this is not always possible.

Permanent Erectile Dysfunction Conditions and Treatments

Erectile dysfunction conditions and treatments classed as chronic may be described as those where the normal erectile response is no longer present and cannot be restored.  The erectile process has to be induced and maintained mechanically every time sexual activity is anticipated and can no longer operate as a function of normal mental and physical stimuli.  In many cases, this may follow invasive surgery to the colon, rectum, prostate or bladder and a result of permanent removal of tissue and/or nerves essential to the process.  Other causes of chronic impotence may include:

  • radiation treatment
  • kidney failure
  • neurogenic nerve disorders like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease

Vacuum Constriction Devices

A vacuum constriction device creates a vacuum and encourages blood to be drawn into the corpus cavernosum tissue in a hydrodynamical way via the low pressure zone.  Blood drawn into the spongy tissue induces a normal erectile state that has to be maintained using a constrictive compression ring that prevents blood from draining.  In this state, normal sexual activity is possible, but it is recommended that the constricted state not be maintained any longer than half an hour.  Removing the compression ring will allow blood to drain normally.

Although erectile dysfunction conditions and treatments have to be carefully matched, most cases can be helped.

Erectile Dysfunction Devices, Impotence

Vacuum Erectile Dysfunction Devices Can Very Effectively Treat Impotence In Men

Erectile dysfunction devices are frequently used to induce erectile response in cases where men are unable to naturally achieve it, whatever the reasons may be.  In most cases, the causes are physiological and vacuum devices are successfully used to treat many such cases; in cases where the causes are psychological – and nothing is actually wrong, physically – other treatments are normally prescribed to address the psychological condition.

Erectile Dysfunction device

Vacuum Devices for Treating Impotence

Vacuum devices may be ideal to treat the type of impotence that comes from nerve or vascular damage that has the effect of preventing full, natural erectile function in men.  Full erectile function can therefore be achieved by means of hydrodynamical and mechanical means to allow complete engorgement of the sponge-like corpus cavernosum tissue, despite the underlying impotence problem.  This is done by creating a suction action and resultant low-pressure area to help draw blood into the blood vessels but the effect will start to immediately subside with the removal of the device.  That is why a compression ring is used to maintain the blood pressure for the duration of sexual activity – however, it should be removed after half an hour at most

Treating Impotence

Although erectile dysfunction devices are used by many people, they are only required on a permanent basis by some, since some physiological conditions can be successfully treated.  The most important of these are:

  • The chemical action of some types of medications that may cause erectile difficulties – changing to a different variation of medication of withdrawing it completely (upon recommendation of a physician) may cure the impotence problem permanently.
  • Nicotine is recognised as an agent that narrows arteries and its long-term effect may eventually lead to impotence – quitting smoking may restore the natural balance over time.
  • Kidney failure may cause impotence and if this condition can be successfully treated, erectile dysfunction intervention may cease to be necessary.

Many psychological causes can be treated at their origin and do not necessarily indicate any physical anomaly; like:

  • personality disorders
  • stress
  • performance anxiety
  • schizophrenia
  • clinical depression
  • panic disorder
  • anxiety disorder
  • substance abuse

Permanent Erectile Dysfunction

Some cases of erectile dysfunction may not be readily curable, but men suffering from one of these conditions may still use erectile dysfunction devices to have a normal love life.  Examples of these conditions include:

  • Cavernosal disorders (like Peyronie’s disease)
  • Any of a variety of neurogenic disorders, including nerve disorders like multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease and injuries to the brain or spinal cord
  • Diseases like diabetes that may have a permanent effect on blood flow.
  • The effects of ageing – even healthy males suffer an increased incidence of erectile dysfunction with advancing age and studies have shown that while around one in ten men in their 40s suffer from impotence, that figure rises to nearly seven out of ten by the time they reach their 70s.

For these men, the most effective way to restore their love life is the use of vacuum erectile dysfunction devices.

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