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Erectile Dysfunction Following Prostatectomy

100% Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Following Prostatectomy

Erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy is a common occurrence. Those who have a prostatectomy usually have one for the removal of localised cancer. While this particular surgery is absolutely essential for those with this form of cancer, the after effects usually scare patients more than the surgery itself. A great amount of work is being put into discovering and developing a prostatectomy surgery technique that spares the nerves which means that recovery from erectile dysfunction will be easier and more possible in current age and of course near future.

Erectile Dysfunction Following ProstatectomyProstate cancer can have a devastating effect on one’s life if it is not treated. Those who are prostate cancer sufferers will need to take their treatment after the surgery into consideration. As erectile dysfunction is a common side effect that will take quite some time to recover from, the options of treatment or at least managing with the issue is important. Those who do not get treatment will start experiencing depression, feelings of inadequacy and general embarrassment towards sexual intercourse with a partner.

Those who experience erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy will generally feel embarrassed and not know where to turn to for advice and treatment. While there are medications and therapies available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction some sufferers prefer a more natural and non drug related treatment and for these people, penis pumps or penis enlargement devices are the best possible option. At Vacurect we offer a wide range of penis pumps and enlargement devices for you to choose from. Of course we will ensure that we are available to answer any questions or concerns that you could potentially have.

A Vacurect penis pump makes use of vacuum therapy to provide a reliable and absolutely safe penis enlargement treatment. It offers a completely natural treatment that does not get in the way of foreplay or intercourse and takes just a few moments to pump up and get ready. It offers a natural pumping action and once it has been pumped, both hands are left free to move during the love making process. All of our vacuum therapy devices are designed to be light in weight and compact in design. This means that they not intrude or be overly interfering while having sexual intercourse with your partner.

Our latest penis pump is absolutely ideal for those who are experiencing erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy. This is the OTC 5 model and it comes provided with a Vacurect penis pump device, five tension rings of various sizes, one silicone oil, and one water-based personal lubricant and a protective bag for storage. This particular model while on promotion is available at a special discounted rate for your convenience.

Take the time to investigate our range of penis pumps and vacuum therapy devices before making your decision. Keep in mind that there are many inferior products on the market claiming the same effects as a Vacurect penis pump, but trust only the best. Browse through our range of devices and find the one that is best suited to both your needs and your budget and overcome erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy surgery today.


Side Effects Of A Prostatectomy

A Prostatectomy is the removal of the part or the entire prostate gland or the surrounding tissueProstatectomy normally due to cancer or other abnormalities occurring in the gland. This is a radical surgery and there are many risks and side effects that can severely affect a person’s life. One of these main side effects is the resultant impotence or erectile dysfunction. This is due to the fact that the prostate gland is responsible for producing ejaculatory fluid and that a Prostatectomy also involves the removal of the seminal vesicles.

However, the level of impotence experienced after a Prostatectomy can be determined by the age and health of the patient. Many Prostatectomy patients can regain full potency with the assistance of drugs, penile injections and vacuum pumps but this can take some time. It is also important to understand that the use of drugs and penile injections has their own side effects and that not all patients are candidates for this type of treatment for erectile dysfunction due to a Prostatectomy. The use of vacuum pumps is far less invasive and carries no side effects whatsoever to the patient although this is the slowest way to regain full spontaneous potency.

Other types of treatments involve unilateral and bilateral Prostatectomy nerve sparing techniques. These techniques are however only suitable for patients who have localised cancer with low tumour presentation. This means that the entire prostate gland will not have to be removed and the remaining tissue and nerves can then take over the entire function of the prostate gland. Patients who require the removal of the entire prostate will need to use one of the aforementioned techniques to overcome erectile dysfunction.

For more information on using non-invasive vacuum pumps to assist in treating erectile dysfunction after a full or partial Prostatectomy, you can contact us.


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