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Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Treating Erectile Dysfunction Can Restore Your Love Life

Treating erectile dysfunction is essential to maintaining a healthy love life, but there may be many causes for it and every cause has a different treatment.  Impotence is comparatively rare among young men, since many of the conditions and circumstances that may lead to impotence take years to develop and are exacerbated by ageing.  As such, erectile dysfunction in young men is mostly due to:

  • psychological problems like performance anxiety, stress, substance abuse and mental disorders
  • drugs and medication
  • injuries to the brain or spinal cord
  • surgery
  • diabetes
  • cavernosal disorders like Peyronie’s disease

treating erectile dysfunctionTreating Erectile Dysfunction in Older Men

Older men are more at risk and while any of the above may be applicable to older men suffering from impotence, there are several other possible causes too.  In addition to the above, these include:

  • neurogenic nerve disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis
  • surgery for bladder cancer, or to the colon, prostate or rectum, removing essential tissue and/or nerves
  • radiation therapy
  • kidney failure

It follows that some of these conditions may be difficult to treat, especially the more serious medical conditions.  Impotence can be subdivided roughly into psychological, lifestyle and permanent impotence, but nearly all can be treated to at least some degree.

Psychological Impotence

Treating erectile dysfunction that has psychological causes and where nothing is physically amiss may sound easy enough but it may not be possible in all cases.  Less serious conditions like…

  • performance anxiety
  • negative thoughts
  • stress and
  • some personality disorders

…may be treatable with psychiatric intervention, counselling and education and normal erectile functioning may be restored once the underlying psychological problem has been addressed.  However…

  • clinical depression
  • schizophrenia
  • panic disorder
  • anxiety disorder and
  • other, more serious personality disorders

…may not be easy to treat.  Some treatment regimes, like anti-depressants, may even worsen the problem.

Lifestyle-induced Impotence

Treating erectile dysfunction caused by lifestyle choices like smoking (nicotine is a known artery-narrowing agent) and substance abuse may go hand in hand with a drug rehabilitation process, after which normal erectile function may often be restored.

Permanent Impotence

This refers to an event or condition that has permanently impaired normal erectile response and function so that it can no longer be achieved through normal physical and mental stimuli.  In many cases, this is due to invasive surgery to the colon, bladder, prostate or rectum where essential tissue and nerves necessary for normal erectile response have been permanently removed.  Treating erectile dysfunction thus-caused may call for the use of vacuum constriction devices, which have proven very effective.

Engorgement of the corpus cavernosum tissue is physically still possible, but since the mechanism no longer functions, this is achieved by using a vacuum device that, through creating a low pressure area, draws in blood via mechanical and hydrodynamical means.  The mechanism to maintain this condition is also absent, so a compression ring is used to prevent the blood from draining, rendering a satisfactory erectile state for normal sexual functioning.  The reality is that treating erectile dysfunction is possible in most cases.

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