vacuum therapy


The Place of Vacuum Therapy in Erectile Dysfunction

    Andrology Australia guideline to Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for HCPs

    1st Line Treatment

      • Alter modifiable risk factors and causes
      • Facilitate sexual health

    2nd Line Treatment

      • Vacuum devices/rings
      • Counselling and education
      • Oral agents (PDE5 inhibitors)

    Vacuum constriction devices are safe and can be used by patients with Erectile Dysfunction caused by many conditions, including:

    1. Surgery for prostate or colon cancer
    2. Diabetes
    3. Poor blood flow to the penis

    Vacuum Constriction Devices can be used 

    • With all other Erectile Dysfunction treatments
    • With condoms

    When in doubt whether you should use vacuum therapy, please discuss it with your doctor.

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